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MultiBet Roulette

Live game betting with social distancing

MultiBet Roulette is the perfect social distancing gaming solution allowing players to make their favourite bets with minimum time on device.  Once a bet is placed, and a betting ticket issued, players have total control of their personal space.

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MultiBet allows players to make their favourite bets on a gaming terminal by issuing a betting ticket. A fusion of sports/keno betting and table games.


A comprehensive poker room management and bonusing system including progressives, jackpots, cash game management and tournaments.


A house funded progressive for Baccarat which offers Players the chance to win a jackpot when placing a tie bet.


An exciting side bet for Roulette games which pays up to 2,000 to 1. Compatible with most Roulette Wheels and Display Systems including TCSJOHNHUXLEY, Abbiati and Cammegh.


Optimise game performance on Roulette prompting dealers when to spin up.  Includes wheel bias and  maintenance logging, dealer tracking and comprehensive reporting.


A house funded progressive for Blackjack games offering  players a chance to win a large jackpot simply by playing the game.

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About GES

Developing  web technology to deliver flexible and affordable table gaming solutions

GES is a technology company focusing on Casino Table Games, Casino Systems and Poker Rooms. Our products offer highly flexible and cost-effective solutions by utilising leading -edge web and Android technologies.

GES offers a range of products from poker room management systems and progressive table games to table game betting platforms.

GES was incorporated in 2014 and has installed over 300 table systems globally.

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